In business since 2017, we started making our own soft serve with locally sourced A2 milk from Indian Creek Creamery in January, 2020.

Milk has two beta-casein proteins, so A2 milk is technically A2/A2 milk. Milk that is regularly available from the store has an A1 protein as well… A1/A2.

Some people believe they are lactose intolerant, but many times are just intolerant to the A1 protein in store bought milk.

An intolerance to A1 cow's milk protein and lactose intolerance are distinct problems. Lactose is milk's sugar and not a protein. Lactose intolerance occurs in people who have a deficiency in the production of an enzyme called lactase, whose role is to break lactose molecules during the digestive process, transforming it into energy for human body cells. Intolerance to the A1 cow's milk protein can cause similar reactions to lactose intolerance, which can generate confusion between the two problems.

Interestingly, non-cow milk, including that of humans, sheep, goats, donkeys, yaks, camels, and buffalo contain mostly A2 beta-casein protein.

If A2 milk is so great, why isn’t it the “normal” store bought milk? Breeds of cows have differing gene frequency. Though the bull book has many A2/A2 animals, to transition a herd to A2/A2 can take ten years or more. Therefore, industrial scale operations have found it better, so far, to not take the big step to A2 only.

Though the scientific community is not yet convinced, our real world experience at Double Happy is significant. Customers each week tell us that while they experience troubles after having regular milk from the store, they feel fine after enjoying our products.

We look forward to offering many more people the chance to enjoy locally sourced A2 milk… in our soft serve ice cream, milkshakes, and coffee drinks.

We hope you enjoy our products and feel great afterwards!



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